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140eme convention de l'AES à Paris

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aes parisLa 140eme édition de l'AES aura lieu cette année à Paris, au Palais des Congrès (Porte Maillot) du 4 au 7 juin 2016.

Ce rassemblement majeur des acteurs de l'industrie audio pro du monde entier, en plus de son côté salon pour voir les derniers matériels et technologies du moment, propose des conférences de haut niveau, malheureusement payantes.

Vous pouvez vous enregistrer gratuitement sur cette page, ou si vous désirez avoir accès à toutes les conférences, sur cette page.

A ne pas manquer.

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* AES Unveils the Schedule of Topical Papers Presentations at the Upcoming=
Paris Convention (
* 2016 AES International Conference on Sound Field Control (www.aes=
* 2016 AES International Conference on Headphone Technology (
* VUE Audiotechnik Specified For OESC Coral Sea Room Upgrade In Australia=
* WSDG-Designed Estudio 13 Complex Rises In Mexico City (news.aessh=
* NBC Olympics Selects Audio-Technica to Provide Microphone and Headphone=
Equipment for Its Production of 2016 Olympic Games in Rio (
* DiGiGrid Releases New Desktop Series (

Upcoming Events
=E2=80=A2 AES Brasil Expo (Sao Paulo=2C Brazil) - May=2C 2016 (www.=
=E2=80=A2 AES 140th Convention (Paris=2C France) - June=2C 2016 (ww=
=E2=80=A2 Sound Field Control Conference (Guildford=2C UK) - July=2C 2016=
=E2=80=A2 Conferencia Latinoamericana AES (Bogota=2C Columbia) - July 2016=
=E2=80=A2 Headphone Technology Conference (Aalborg=2C Denmark) - August=2C=
2016 (
=E2=80=A2 AES 141st Convention (Los Angeles=2C CA) - September=2C 2016 (ht=
=E2=80=A2 AES International Conference on Audio for Virtual and Augmented=
Reality (Los Angeles=2C CA) - September=2C 2016 (


AES Unveils the Schedule of Topical Papers Presentations at the Upcoming P=
aris Convention

Paper Presentations=2 C both as lectures and/or posters=2C for the upcoming=
Audio Engineering Society=E2=80=9 9s 140th International Convention at the=
Palais des Congr=C3=A8s in Paris=2C France=2C June 4 through 7=2C have be=
en announced. With topical paper sessions covering the latest research in=
immersive audio=2C audio equipment and delivery=2C audio signal processin=
g=2C live sound issues=2C acoustics=2C and more=2C the Paris convention wi=
ll offer four full days of research paper presentations representing the f=
rontiers of research in the professional=2C scientific and educational com=
munities. Sessions have been reviewed and evaluated by convention Papers C=
o-Chairs Thomas Goerne=2C Wolfgang Klippel=2C Bergame Periaux=2C Robin Reu=
mers and Dejan Todorovic=2C assisted by a number of external expert review=
ers from the AES audio community.

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le/) .

2016 AES International Conference on Sound Field Control

Taking place July 18-20 in Guildford=2C UK=2C the second AES International=
Conference on Sound Field Control=2C will gather researchers=2C engineers=
and users to explore and discuss arrays=2C algorithms=2C abstractions and=
applications for sound field control. The three-day conference program in=
corporates keynote and tutorial lectures=2C research talks=2C themed works=
hop panel discussions=2C poster presentations and demonstrations. focusing=
on the dissemination of technical solutions and recommended practices=2C=
which may stimulate new ideas for potential commercial applications of so=
und field control.

2016 AES International Conference on Headphone Technology

With more than 300 million pairs of headphones sold in 2015=2C the popular=
ity of =E2=80=9Csmart and wearable=E2=80= 9D devices has driven development=
s in low-power processors and sensors that are enabling the augmentation o=
f headphones with features more typically associated with hearing aids or=
smartphones. Running August 24-26 in Aalborg=2C Denmark=2C this conferenc=
e will focus on technologies for headphones with a special emphasis on the=
emerging fields of Mobile Spatial Audio=2C Personal Assistive Listening=
=2C and Augmented Reality=2C assembling scientists=2C developers=2C and pr=
actitioners involved in all manner of head-worn hearing technology. The co=
nference additionally will enable an interdisciplina ry dialogue across the=
headphone and hearing aid industries.

VUE Audiotechnik Specified For OESC Coral Sea Room Upgrade In Australia

Established in March 1954=2C the Orange Ex-Services=E2= 80=99 Club (OESC) i=
s a premier club destination for residents of Orange and New South Wales=
=2C supporting local community projects=2C offering affordable sporting ac=
tivities to residents and providing numerous forms of musical entertainmen=
t. When OESC refurbished its Coral Sea Room=2C an old PA system was remove=
d and replaced with VUE Audiotechnik al-4 Subcompact Line Array Systems pa=
ired with an as-215 Dual 15-inch Vented Subwoofer and a V4 Systems Engine.=
The system was installed by Colton Computer Technologies (CCT)=2C IT cons=
ultants that design and deploy specialty systems.

WSDG-Designed Estudio 13 Complex Rises In Mexico City

A new seven-story building featuring a unique glass wall=2C and a dramatic=
=2C balcony-like profile serves as the new home for Estudio 13. Designed b=
y WSDG to house the triplex 7000 sq. ft. recording studio=2C the building=
makes a distinctive addition to Mexico City=E2=80=99s architectural profi=

For over seventeen years=2C Estudio 13 Head Producer/Musica l Director=2C J=
os=C3=A9 Francisco Aguilera=2C and Studio Operations/Proj ect Manager=2C Ed=
uardo Acosta recorded a wide variety of live performances on location in m=
ajor concert halls. Their original studio was equally busy hosting music=
=2C voiceover and radio recording assignments. As their business continued=
to thrive=2C their on-going success led to the need for a larger=2C more=
acoustically advanced recording space. In 2013 they contacted WSDG co-pri=
ncipal Sergio Molho=2C and began a search for a site for a new home for th=
eir business.

NBC Olympics Selects Audio-Technica to Provide Microphone and Headphone Eq=
uipment for Its Production of 2016 Olympic Games in Rio

NBC Olympics=2C a division of the NBC Sports Group=2C has selected Audio-T=
echnica to provide microphones=2C broadcast headsets and monitor headphone=
s for its production of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad=2C which take place=
in Rio de Janeiro=2C Brazil=2C from August 5 through August 21=2C 2016. T=
he announcement was made today by Karl Malone=2C Director=2C Sound Design=
=2C NBC Sports & Olympics and Michael Edwards=2C Vice President=2C Product=
and Market Development=2C Audio-Technica U.S.

DiGiGrid Releases New Desktop Series

DiGiGrid continues its focus on the I/O market with the launch of its new=
Desktop series. DiGiGrid introduces four new products to the market. The=
range includes the [Q] Headphone amplifier=2C [D] Desktop interface=2C=
[M] Musician recording interface=2C and PoE Switch. These new small=
devices are were conceived to offer flexibility and ease of use to the re=
cording=2C monitoring=2C and creative development markets.

The Desktop series maintains the core design principles of DiGiGrid=E2=80=
=99s Networkable solutions=2C and fine natural audio reproduction; they al=
so allow for total integration with any other DiGiGrid product. Whether us=
ed as standalone items=2C or as part of bigger systems=2C this new Desktop=
range offers all the benefits of the SoundGrid network system.


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