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samedi, 24 juillet 2010 00:00

Apogee annonce la Symphony I/O

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symphony io_3qtrLe 27 juillet sera annoncé officiellement la nouvelle interface Apogee : la Symphony I/O.

Vous pouvez découvrir le teaser en page d'accueil du site d'Apogee.


Cette nouvelle interface qui devrait être disponible au mois d'août 2010 propose les caractéristiques suivantes :
- L'interface la plus évoluée d'Apogee avec de nouveaux convertisseurs.
- Audio Interface Mode (AIM) : possibilité de configuré facilement dans différents modes (Symphony PCIe ou ExpressCard, Pro Tools HD, USB 2.0, StandAlone).
- 5 modules I/O disponibles pour créer un modèle sur mesure. La Symphony I/O en accepte deux. On retrouve entre autre des module proposant 8 I/O analogiques ou 8 preamps.
- Jusqu'à 32 canaux I/O.
- PCI, USB, mais aussi ethernet pour de futur formats/protocoles d'échange.


Retrouvez l'intégralité de l'annonce en anglais :

Introducing Symphony I/O

The New Standard in Recording Technology

We are very excited to give you a sneak preview of this amazing new product. Symphony I/O is the culmination of 25 years of Apogee design excellence and is the best sounding most advanced multi-channel audio interface Apogee has ever made.

Symphony I/O at a glance:

Next generation sound quality

Totally updated and optimized circuit design takes Apogee sound quality to the next level.

Easily switch between Logic and Pro Tools HD

With a simple front panel adjustment and the switch of a cable you can easily move between the two most popular and powerful workstations available.

USB connectivity

Easily connect Symphony I/O to any Intel based Mac via high-speed USB 2.0 and work in your favorite Core Audio based application, no drivers necessary.

Total I/O Flexibility

Symphony I/O has two slots for 5 different I/O Modules allowing you to configure the system that works best for your needs. I/O Modules include, 8 Analog I/O with Optical and an 8 channel Mic Preamp Module. See the website on Monday July 26th for the complete list and all possible configurations.

StandAlone mode for Pro Tools LE users

Working with Pro Tools LE? Simply set Symphony I/O’s Audio Interface Mode to “StandAlone” and connect directly to your Pro Tools LE interface for incredible Apogee sound quality.

Future proof connectivity

Along with PCI for Symphony, Pro Tools HD and USB 2.0, Symphony I/O features Ethernet connectivity to take advantage of emerging digital connectivity formats.

Symphony I/O Overview:

Best sounding Apogee interface ever with updated and optimized circuitry
Audio Interface Mode (AIM): Easily configure Symphony I/O for these modes:
Symphony (connect to Symphony PCIe card or Symphony Mobile Express/34 card for ultra low latency use with Logic or any Core Audio application)
Pro Tools HD (connect directly to Pro Tools PCIe card)
USB (connect to high-speed USB 2.0 port)
StandAlone (I/O inputs routed directly to I/O outputs)
Total I/O flexibility and scalability with 5 available Modules including an 8 Analog I/O with Optical and 8 channel Mic preamp module
Up to 32 channels of simultaneous analog and digital I/O per unit
Future-proof modular architecture
PCI, USB and Ethernet connectivity for emerging formats
Best cost per channel value of any high-end audio interface available


Shipping August 2010. Features will roll out in 5 monthly releases from August 2010 to December 2010
See website on Monday July 26th for Feature Release Schedule

Official public announcement: 7/26/2010

Get all the details, pricing and see more images and video then on our website!

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