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samedi, 15 août 2015 13:08

Reaper 5

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reaper5Cockos vient de lancer la dernière version 5 de son célèbre et non moins puissant logiciel audionumérique Reaper.

La liste des nouveautés est impressionnante, mais nous concernant, on notera surtout de grosses améliorations au niveau du moteur vidéo, du Media Explorer, de l'automation en général, du support de VST3, de l'ASIO (512 canaux en I/O), et globalement des performances sous le capot. Le MIDI n'est pas en reste, ainsi que les possibilités de customisation et de scripting.

Une version majeure à n'en point douter, malgré le fait qu'elle reste toujours à 60$ pour un usage non commercial, et à 225$ dans le cas contraire. La mise à jour est toujours gratuite pour les anciens utilisateurs d'une version n-1.

Plus d'informations sur le site de Cockos.

La liste complètes des nouveautés dans la suite de la News.

  • massive improvements to video support
  • allow user configurable video decoder priorities with per-file-extension controls
  • configurable video output display latency
  • dockable video window
  • per-source option to not decode audio for video files
  • pooled audio decoders, reducing RAM use for heavily edited videos
  • project framerate is used instead of media framerate to determine display timing
  • projects can now specify preferred video width/height/colorspace, resizing options
  • real-time programmable (EEL) effect processors insertable as track and item FX
  • support for AVFoundation video encoding/decoding on OSX 10.7+
  • per-take FX automation and MIDI learn support
  • browser smart folders (filter-folders)
  • browser options to view JSFX by description and/or filename
  • support for parameters with inverted ranges
  • VST3 support, including sample-accurate automation
  • inform VST plug-ins of offline rendering state, by default
  • duplicating Take FX copies channel counts
  • user-adjustable parameter modulation LFO phase
Media Explorer
  • added option 'Play through selected track'
  • search in subfolders
  • improved accessibility/tabbing navigation
  • fixed various UTF-8 issues on Windows ..
  • fixed issues when using preserve-pitch and tempo-match options
  • fixed MIDI/OSC action binding
  • integrated development environment (IDE) for running, editing, debugging scripts
  • IDE supports syntax highlighting, multiple editing panes, watch lists, structure matching, and more
  • integrated Lua 5.3 scripting support
  • EEL and Lua scripts can query various information (incl. MIDI/OSC input values) via get_action_context()
  • EEL/Lua graphics/UI API (gfx*) extensions
  • toggle state support (script toolbar buttons can have on/off states)
  • increased automation recording speed by 3x
  • internal changes and performance improvements to FX parameter automation
  • more consistent behavior when changing FX preset
  • new volume envelope mode that mimics track fader scaling
  • sample-accurate automation support
  • added support for inverted slider ranges
  • editor improvements (scrollbars, multiple editing panes, Ctrl+Mousewheel font size change)
  • fixed potential crash from gfx_circle() with bad parameters .
Multichannel media
  • support Ambisonic WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE .wav files
  • improved zero crossing navigation
  • improved tab-to-transient behavior
  • improved support for chained OGG Vorbis files
Default theme
  • extra fancy new theme
  • many layout choices for different uses (small, large, meters, live recording, media, item)
  • better track panel and item tinting appearance
  • language packs can specify scale for dialog windows using (for example) 5CA1E00000000000=xsc ysc
  • all codec (wav, video, mp3, etc) dialog boxes and related strings can now be translated
  • new template LangPack
  • configurable beat patterns
  • improved count-in behavior/quality
  • do not automatically enable MIDI vol/pan faders when creating MIDI-only sends/receives .
  • note-off velocity support in piano roll and list view editors
MIDI editor
  • added mouse modifiers to edit note edges ignoring selection
  • changed default note edge mouse modifiers to match default media item edge modifiers
  • optionally display project tempo and time signature markers in the ruler
  • updated default worker thread scheduling logic for lower CPU use
  • disabled anticipative FX processing on tracks with open MIDI editors, by default
  • automatically disable anticipative FX in routed-to tracks for open MIDI editors
Project Bay
  • new tab for managing FX parameter envelopes, modulation, and MIDI learn
  • fixed replace FX in project .
  • fixed source/item/fx deletion and undo issues .
  • improved touch-automation behavior for various check/combo/edit controls
  • improved ReaInsert behavior in many real world scenarios (PDC, looping, heavy load)
  • improved display for frame grid and HH:MM:SS:FF
  • absolute frames time display mode
  • added theme tweak window (and removed outdated preferences pane)
  • improved theme color tinting support (requires 'version 5' in rtconfig, themes can override tint/peaks preferences via rtconfig 'tinttcp' and 'peaksedges')
  • scrollbar_2 and scrollbar_3 images can override scrollbar images for arrange and MIDI editor respectively
Time Map
  • better behavior when changing time signatures
  • improved behavior when inserting/removing time in project (fixed auto-create of new time signature markers)
  • improved time signature behavior when moving/copying regions
  • options to include envelope point selection in undo state
  • improved FX envelope undo behavior
  • added propagate take and propagate item actions
  • support for up to 512 channels of input and output
Configuration import/export
  • optionally include media explorer databases
  • support for VIDEO media type in Vegas EDL TXT
  • ignore mouse wheel on all faders, by default
Opus support
  • full decode/encode support for OGG Opus files
Ripple editing
  • removing time in one-track and all-track mode better respects timebase:beats preferences for markers, items, and envelopes
Stretch Markers
  • improved behavior when changing tempo map/moving items across tempo maps
  • up to 16 general and 8 MIDI toolbars
Track grouping
  • VCA slave track group setting
  • fixed color picker potentially appearing offscreen
  • added Envelope, Tempo Map, Project Extension State, improved MIDI and Toolbar APIs
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