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Bouquins: Pro Tools for Video, Film, and Multimedia
Titre:      Pro Tools for Video, Film, and Multimedia
Catégorie:      Logiciels
LivreID:      159200069X
Auteurs:      Ashley Shepherd
ISBN-10(13):      159200069X
Editeur:      Cengage Learning PTR
Date de publication:      2003-07-29
Edition:      1
Number of pages:      304
Owner Name:      Dorian Darcourt
Owner Email:      yukulele@free.fr
Langue:      Anglais
Prix:      14.71 USD
Evaluation:      0 
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This books serves as a blueprint for the process of taking an audio-for-video project through all the phases of its creation. Gain an understanding of how Pro Tools works and why certain technical information and skill in Pro Tools is absolutely necessary in multimedia projects. Music engineers, video editors, Internet programmers, and musicians will all find this book a necessary tool to their post-production audio and video work. Covers Project Workflow, Synchronization, Pro Tools Hardware, Creating Sound Effects, Editing to Picture, and Delivery of Master Recordings. This specialized guide is a perfect companion book to Muska & Lipman's successful "Pro Tools Power!" book, ISBN: 1-929685-57-2.

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